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I help ambitious people move forward with power and ease

My mission is to liberate ambitious people from the constraints of relentless productivity, achievement, and expectations. I guide them in defining their own vision of success, and teach them to move toward it with greater purpose, presence, self-trust, creativity, and courage.

The result: they contribute more to the world with ease.

- Elliot

Let's Connect

A note to the ambitious

We're united by our desire to make an impact in the world. Setting and reaching big goals is our superpower.

While we excel at making things happen and reaping the rewards, it's easy to become ensnared by conventional notions of success and the traps of achievement. Eventually, we feel stuck, burned out, and lost.

There's a way out of that dilemma.

How? By standing in our purpose and allowing ourselves to be guided by it.

By embracing a “both/and” approach to life that says we can pursue success and fulfillment, be driven by impact and our values, create good for the world and for ourselves.

We allow who we are to shape what we do.

When this happens, our lives are more clear, confident, and full of opportunity. This is what’s possible for the ambitious.

Three ways I can help you move forward

Individual Coaching

For people who crave more authenticity and courage in their work and life, I offer custom one-on-one coaching engagements.

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"On Courage" Podcast

Every Sunday morning, I send out a short podcast designed to help you move toward yourself with courage. 

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Free Resources

I'm always trying to grow myself as a person and a coach. As I do that, I love to share what I'm learning with my community. 

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