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My focus is simple: helping you clarify what you want in your life and in work—and then uncovering the insights, tools, and mindsets to get you there faster than you think is possible.  

Ideal partners for me include:

  • Leaders seeking support in navigating the next move in their careers and lives
  • Executives striving to show up more authentically and powerfully
  • Entrepreneurs confronting new growth and leadership challenges

My clients value that I’m a certified coach as well as an MBA with a decade of senior startup experience.

My style is to be both curious and decisive, intuitive and grounded, exploratory and efficient. I guide you through a process that will give you tools you can use your whole life.

I welcome working with all types of people. To date, I’m proud that I’ve attracted a diverse set of clients: 47% Women, 41% People of Color, and 11% LGBTQ+.

Let's Connect

I offer one-on-one coaching in two different formats

The Steady Leap

A custom engagement for people seeking to establish a powerful vision and move themselves toward it

This might be for you if:

  • You have a feeling you're ready for the "next level"  
  • You're feeling stuck and wanting to open up possibilities for yourself
  • You're wanting to show up more authentically in your life and work
  • You're craving a certain type of fulfillment and aliveness in your day-to-day

We start by creating a vision for you before making any commitments. If you decide we should work together, we'll craft an engagement that excites you. 

The financial investment of this engagement is to be mutually determined. 

Let's see if we're a match

The Next Step

A 3-month program for people seeking clarity and pathways in their career

This might be for you if:

  • You are contemplating a job shift but unsure what or how
  • You have been trying to find a new job but have run into roadblocks
  • You've been laid off and have an opportunity to reconsider your path

The goal of this program is to help you clarify the impact you want to make in the world, identify your core values, manage what's holding you back, and map out potential pathways you can consider. 

Let's see if we're a match